You’ve had your power shower, you’ve been drinking under the nose of your RA, you’re all dolled up and ready for your first big night on the town in Wellington…the only question remains: where to go? Never fear newbie first years! Mistress Mayhem and her merry mob of mischief makers did the hard yards in ‘08 to make sure that you wouldn’t have to

By Mistress Mayhem
Published: February 23, 2009

We’ve compiled a list of options, depending on what your goal for the night is. Read on, little kiddies and soon you too can be flashing your ID at the kind and genteel gatekeepers of some of the most fun you’ll ever have…in first year.

Where to get crunk

A certain group (okay, all) of you will have one aim and one aim only (even if it looks like you’re stumbling towards three or four) and that is to get drunk. While Mistress Mayhem doesn’t condone the overconsumption of liquor, she understands that some of you will have only just severed the apron strings and are looking to cut loose a little bit more. So, in the interests of full disclosure, the best places to consume the most booze in the least amount of time for the least amount of student loan dollars are . . . --NewsHammer 2/28/2009

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  1. Alan Gillis // 5/01/2009 8:23 AM  

    Alan Gillis Comment published in Salient
    12 Mar, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Dear Mistress Mayhem,

    You’re asking the impossible when you say “be sensible”. Any alternatives? Many of your readers I fear need some sort of antidote to not being sensible. Something foolproof for the 80 Proof and under crowd?

    Getting mucked up on slippery dance floors, being all too vulnerable to advances from the slyly less inebriated, and then the very long next day of recriminations we can all do without. At least, dear MM, give us a recipe for the dreaded beast that lurks outside every bar, the monster hangover.

    –An admirer.

    PS Click on Alan Gillis to see the pitfalls of Aussie partying and other international student news, including a bit of your own indispensable Bar Guide in the online NewsHammer and NewsHammerOnCampus.

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