Online gossip delivers low blows to some students

By Theresa Marucci
Published: January 28, 2009

If a student is ever curious about who is good in bed, which guys they should not have sex with or what the best sororities on campus are, has it all.

Juicy Campus is a college gossip Web site where students can post threads about anything or anyone. The posts can be completely anonymous, and no registration is required in order to comment.

Creators of Juicy Campus think this concept enables anonymous free speech on college campuses, according to the Web site's press release.

While some posts on Chico State's section are positive and friendly, the majority are more critical of fellow students and their personal lives.

"You read some of those posts and can't help but feel bad for the people," said Matt Ivester, president and CEO of Juicy Campus. "The personal attacks and mean-spirited posts is not why Juicy Campus was created." --NewsHammer 1/28/2009

Continue reading the Jan 28, 2009 article from California State University, Chico's The Orion

*****UPDATE Feb 5, 2009 Juicy Shuts Down

Laura Clark of the Kentucky Kernel, reports that the campus gossip website went under yesterday due to financial problems.

Continue reading "Gossip Web site shuts down Thursday" from the University of Kentucky's Kentucky Kernel.


  1. Alan Gillis // 2/26/2009 12:18 PM  

    Alan Gillis Comment on this article in The Orion
    posted 2/03/09 @ 9:38 AM PST

    Looks like there are better ways to waste your time on campus than I had.

    Though back in the old days, maybe we had more fun, like starting a 'Free Richard Nixon' fanclub à là Angela Davis. . . .