and other hit singles

The Delta Gypsies. Number Two. Mix and the Dudes. The Backsliders. Moose Knuckle. Patchwork Dove. Repeat Offenders.

By: Eric Rosenbaum

Published: February 6, 2009

If you have never heard of these bands, don’t worry—just a few weeks ago, they had never heard of themselves.

On Jan. 8, a group of 35 strangers was divided by lottery into seven completely new bands. On the night of Jan. 31, less than one month later, each group performed three original songs at the sixth annual Chippewa Chapel Band Scramble.

The Band Scramble is a spin-off event of the Chippewa Chapel Traveling Guitar Circle, Medicine Show, Musicians’ Networking and Open Mic Night (yes, that’s the title of one event), a feature of Frederick’s Music Lounge. Originally called the Noiseday Hootenanny, the Chippewa Chapel show earned the religious nickname because Frederick’s did not have a Sunday liquor license.

After six years of mixing it up musically, the Band Scramble presented its most highly-attended show to date this past weekend. --NewsHammer 2/10/2009

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  1. Alan Gillis // 3/04/2009 9:48 AM  

    Alan Gillis Comment on this article in Student Life
    Wed Feb 18 2009 20:32

    A great idea for musicians and their audience, though I wonder how well some of these ad hoc bands were able to rock? Good work Eric. Think it's important enough for wider exposure . . .