Pro-Palestine euphoria and accusations of anti-Semitism echoed across campus last Wednesday after students voted to support the Gaza Crisis victims at an Emergency General Meeting last week

By Girish Gupta
Published: February 16, 2009

Attracting over 1,000 students, the meeting maintained quorum even after a last-minute mass walkout in protest against the “Gaza Crisis” motion. Following the successful vote, there were renewed attempts by those in favour of the motion to occupy the University’s John Owens Building, but they were thwarted by Campus Security’s quick decision to lock all gates. Some protesters did, however, climb over the fences, chanting in support of Palestine and calling for the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Alan Gilbert.

A week of occupations, rallies and speeches around the University of Manchester had brought student enthusiasm to fever pitch, seeing them queue throughout the Union building to get into the meeting. Academy 2 was filled with 500 people, while a similar number spilling over into Biko’s Café next door. . . .

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Jewish Students Targeted On Campus

By Susannah Birkwood

Published: February 16, 2009

Hate mail, abusive e-mails and spitting are just some of the acts of anti-Semitism experienced by Jewish students on campus since the start of the new semester.

Tensions have been particularly wrought between pro-Palestinian students and their Jewish counterparts since the recent conflict in Gaza. . . .

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The Meeting That Never Was

By Girish Gupta
Published: February 9, 2009

The emergency General Meeting last Wednesday missed reaching quorum by just a handful of students, causing frustrated activists to take to the streets in protest.

Supporters of the motion claimed that the doors had been locked during the quorum count to verify the presence of at least 500 students, preventing seats from filling up. Members of the Jewish Society were accused of blocking entry to prevent the vote on the motion in support of
Gaza from going ahead. . . .

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University Under Occupation

By Susannah Birkwood
Published: February 9, 2009

More than 150 students staged a sit-in protest outside the University Vice-Chancellor’s office last week to demand a stronger and more proactive position from the University on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. . . .

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Opinion: What’s the point of this occupation?

Aileen Quinn, 24, MA Cultural History

“I’m protesting today because I’ve been outraged by the actions of the Israeli government in Gaza . . .

Sara Mahmoud, 21, Physics

“We’re here today to show solidarity with the people of Gaza . . .

Matt Scholey, 20, Politics & Modern History

“For every one person that has died in Israel, 100 children have died in Palestine. . . .

Mohamed Ghalaieny, MSc Environmental Science

“We’re protesting because we’d like the University to take a stronger stand . . .

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Palestine Protest Disrupts Exams

By Alena Eis
Published: February 9, 2009

A pro-Palestine demonstration culminating in the 27 hour occupation of a university building has sparked controversy because it was held during the busy exam period.

Action Palestine protesters teamed up with Socialist Worker Party students to highlight the plight of Palestinians, while condemning Israel for their attacks on Gaza. University administration was also criticised by the protesters for its continued support of firms known to be involved in arms trade with Israel despite official policies to the contrary. . . . --NewsHammer 2/19/2009

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  1. Alan Gillis // 3/30/2009 2:45 PM  

    Alan Gillis Comment on this article in Student Direct
    February 21st, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Student demonstrations on Gaza worldwide have an effect on stimulating dialog and that could lead to the Change We Need. Hope Obama is listening.

    Middle-East Peace is critical now and for the future. Since it’s only a Media issue when the rockets are flying, it’s going to take a lot of continuing public protest, considering too that this is such an old and difficult problem.

    What’s lacking is the support of governments for real peace. Since there is no agreement on any sensible solution, there is a need to look beyond this political quagmire.

    Peace is still realistic, but I’d say a change on the Arab side of the situation is more likely to work, than hoping for Israel and the U.S. to deal fairly with the Palestinians.

    Having lived and worked with Arabs and Jews, I know Arabs are much more emotional. When they’re frustrated, having exhausted talking through a crisis and they love to talk, they do act, emotionally. So like it or not war is on the horizon. That’s what happened in 1967.
    That’s what explains suicide bombings and home-made rockets.

    More bitter than ever since then, since Gaza, the Arabs could act drastically. Is this what Israel wants?

    But there is time for the Arabs to reconsider their position. Egypt could take Gaza under its wing. Palestinians in refugee camps in surrounding Arab countries could be given a special status and a Greater Palestine could be founded, not as a country, but as a protectorate of these Arab states, a strip of land cementing them together.

    This solves the immediate needs of many Palestinians and provides them with stability and security.

    For more on this idea, see my article in the online newsmagazine, NewsHammer, “Israel and Palestine: A New Peace Or Another War”. . . .